9/11 Cowards Enable Evil to Continue

For four years on the anniversary of Sept 11th I stood at ground zero in New York wearing a shirt that said 9/11 was an inside job while wearing an American flag as a blindfold. I handed out DVDs of empirical corroborated evidence worthy of a court of law that all 3 buildings that came down in NY that day (WTC 1, 2 and building 7) were caused by pre-planted explosives (controlled demolition). Most people ignored me. Too dazed and confused in their everyday steps about this earth to so much as comprehend the magnitude of the information being presented to them. Some people insulted me or threatened to kill me. Others tearfully thanked me and praised me for demonstrating the courage they lacked. A marine saluted me for speaking out. Family members mourning their lost loved ones did too.

Each year I did this, security got tighter. On the tenth anniversary of 9/11 they set up barricades to keep attendees and protesters away from the memorial. Police officers pulled anyone wearing 9/11 truth attire out of the crowd and led them off site to be placed in a pen. They were only allowed out of that pen if they removed their attire.Everyone but me did so. I refused. I kept my shirt the way it was. And I walked out of that pen in brazen defiance of the cops who had been ordered to control the photo op so that more people wouldn’t bear witness to the truth I sought to expose. I then walked a few blocks over to find an area where there were enough protesters that the police wouldn’t risk arresting us all. I stood there for 8 hours without moving or speaking—wearing the American flag as a blindfold—handing out DVDs just as the years before.

Last week the University of Alaska released a study concluding that building 7 did not collapse because of fire—contradicting the findings of NISTs 7 year study to the contrary.I have an acquaintance who has argued this issue with me for three years. He tried to speak against all of the information I presented to him. And yet at the same time he refused to research or investigate the evidence firsthand. Can you imagine that? Someone with the self-serving audacity to smear me in public who concurrently refuses to review the very information he’s smearing me for? He still hasn’t taken the time to review that information. He’s smart. He’s competent. He thinks of himself as a ‘good person.’ And yet... he remains silent. He dwells in ignorance and fear and yet he’s too much of a coward to admit to himself the coward that he is. Cowards are like that. And if it were just a conversation between two people I’d be more forgiving of his cowardice... but it’s not. It’s the murder of 3000 people and ongoing endless wars as a result of that day. Millions of people have died because of cowards need to hide.

Today is the 18th anniversary. And everywhere I walk on this earth I see cowards in hiding. People who say they intend to enact change by hiding. People who lie to themselves and to other people. People who play games and burry their heads in the sand. And they don’t care about how it affects anyone else. They think of themselves as ‘good people’ all while they hide from truth and say nothing. And because of their choices... the world gets worse every single day. My world and your world get worse. Every... single... day...

I wish cowards knew how profoundly damaging their silence is. How it’s not ok to be like that. How they aid and abet murderers and the worst people on this earth. But they don’t. Because to a coward the most important thing on this earth are the lies they tell themselves, no matter the cost to anyone else.