Silent Oppression

Police reform is never voluntary or socially encouraged by those who benefit from the abuse of power. Because of this, it can only be reached by unwavering social pressure. In point of fact, police reform (in all levels of law enforcement) is the single greatest issue that needs to be addressed to be able to combat systemic corruption all over the world. 
For generations, excessive power and privilege has been handed to law enforcement--facilitating and cultivating a propagandized patriotism for any and everyone in uniform. But a badge does not make someone a hero just for wearing it. A uniform does not make someone a hero just for wearing it. And a country of officers that stands behind these symbols more than the citizens they've sworn to protect is sorely in need of real heroes, expansive/sweeping-police-reform and zealous moral indignation at the continuing lack thereof... Honestly, how in the fuck can any self-respecting officer in this day and age NOT speak out and demand internal reform? How can they NOT give voice to the victims who have senselessly died because of this disregard for human life? And how can they prioritize pensions and careers to the ongoing criminality of their own fucking work place?
If I were a half decent person working in a criminal environment at the very least I'd quit. If I were a good person, I'd speak out--vehemently!!! I'd say we all expect officers of the law to be, at the very least, half decent people. Their silence says otherwise. Their silence speaks volumes. Good cop or bad cop, if you stay silent, you side with the bad.
Only police protests driven BY officers can facilitate genuine reform. And only citizens who refuse to support the favourability of those in uniform can help influence a transition away from corruption to one of fever pitch criticism and impeachable moral standards. An officer is not an officer simply for wearing a badge--he is one for upholding moral integrity and dignity at all times. Otherwise, they're criminals wearing badges. Not necessarily for breaking the law, but for helping cultivate a status quo that is lenient to those officers who do.
It's not as simple as 'fuck the police'. It's as simple as 'fuck the police who stay silent'.
So, dear police officers,
On behalf of basic moral integrity in the face of a broken system that incubates and encourages corruption: Quit. Speak out. Stand up. Risk your careers. Risk your safety nets. Be the heroes people expect you to be. Or continue doing nothing and remain unable to do your jobs by keeping them as they are. The choice is yours. But know that it will become increasingly difficult for you to think of yourselves as heroes simply for wearing badges. People are beginning to see you for the criminal organization that you are, whether you're able to admit it to yourselves yet or not.