Queen Niqab

Dear fellow 'non-old-stock-citizens',
When I got my Canadian citizenship after living here for 14 years, they made everyone in attendance pledge allegiance to the queen... of England... seriously! Which, morally, I was utterly opposed to. So, instead, I said 'Queen Latifah'... 
I find it odd that, despite this glaring, unnecessary, moral imposition that regularly takes place during the citizenship ceremony, people are now going even further and throwing a fuss about the 'validity' of a citizen who covers their face to, quite reasonably, stay true to their individual beliefs and values. The same beliefs and values supposedly granted to them to freely practice in the country they are becoming a citizen of! All this, once again, while ignoring the hypocrisy of being forced to swear allegiance to a long outdated imperialistic-bloodline-monarch from another country, who holds no rightful bearing in this one, or for that matter, her own.
Any 'royalty' need abdicate the throne to be truly progressive--not to mention releasing their tentacles from their previous 'properties' and ill-gotten-acquisitions. Any 'free country' need grant the freedoms it purports to be genuine. And any engrained inherent conservatism within the citizenship ceremony itself is a fundamental betrayal of the values we as Canadians so arrogantly boast about and yet so often fail to uphold.
Long live the Queen but you can't wear a Niqab? Fuck that. Long live Queen Latifah and wear a Niqab anywhere you damn well please. Welcome to Canada, sorry about all the idiots.
Since, Teace