Fires of Adversity

Some of us aren't like the rest. We were born dreamers. Insisting on living outside of the box. Insisting on ignoring the rules. Some of us have had to study how to appear normal. We’ve had to learn to be bland, learn to be obedient and, most of all, learn to be quiet. Some of us have had to master hiding who we really are underneath. Fake smiles. Counterfeit complacency. Sheep’s clothing cut for our conscience not a wolf. The truth is, that in this world, for some of us, it’s not a descent into madness that has plagued our lives, it’s the descent into what this world regards as sanity. 

True madness is bigger than one man. True madness takes a society to realize. But when you only see society as flocks of sheep, you never realize how many have simply learned to appear that way. How many might be hiding under the veil of that society, waiting to unsheathe themselves and live freely—to live for what they want to live for. The world can surprise you. And in the thralls of change, more and more people will stand up to both who they’ve been convinced they are, as well as those around them that have reaffirmed the mirage, and the shackles of this society's expectations that have weighed on us all. In the thralls of change, anything can happen—but it has to happen inside of us first. The slow process of waking up, finding yourself, seeing past the illusions and knowing the truth. To grow in fires of adversity and extinguish the flame. Because while those of us born different may have had to learn to be invisible in this world, in times of change, it falls on all dreamers to be seen and to change the world.