Revolution of Interdependence

The independent are no longer self-sufficient. Borders no longer determine the lines between what matters where and to whom, or who matters where and why. Instead, globalization has redefined the globe and, in the process, has rewritten it’s borders—leaving a new generation scratching their heads as they scour old maps that don’t include either the paths they find themselves on, or an accurate picture of the world they live in. It’s a strange sensation. To think that a planet bustling with 7 billion people is only six degrees of separation away from reaching common ground. And, yet, we the people can’t quite seem to make it; it’s as if all of our potential and all of our dreams are held just out of reach. And that struggle for power, for control and for having a voice, is what is happening right now on a globalized scale. Revolution is brooding. And to both those in power and those reaching for that power, the feeling of change is unmistakable. Though, to the everyday citizens caught up in this whirlwind, even while sitting on the sidelines, the massive protests and growing civil unrest may seem more reminiscent of chaos than progress, lest we forget: progress struggles out of chaos just as we the people can only progress so far without becoming chaotic. History repeats itself. But people have short attention spans.