Facebook for President

The internet changed everything. Simple things mostly. How easily someone can navigate a map or access information. How quickly a purchase can be made. How goods are sold. How services are provided. Music used to be controlled and filtered, now it’s free; now it’s with us all the time. Movies used to be owned and collected now they’re streamed, inhaled and ‘liked’. Videogames became social. Privacy became less private. Social networks put in writing the social circles that control our lives. We’re online everywhere. We’re connected all the time. We have the world at our fingertips. The web gave us a way to control how we navigate the globe—a way to have a voice anywhere about anything. The Internet changed everything. But what it gave us, more than all the things it changed, was a way to build a user friendly democracy. One where everyone has a vote and no one is elected to vote for them. Our voice is online. But until the paradigm of leadership shifts from the political arena to the public’s opinion, the voice of the people will not be heard. Facebook for president.