Hell is an old man staring at a beautiful woman unable to touch or speak to her. Lost in his memories of the feelings and tastes of his former life, quietly disappearing in front of our eyes. Young people are all around, laughing and chatting, idling their time away. And the old man sits alone, quietly observing the room like a mirror of the future. But rather than look scorned and defeated by his solitude, the old man holds his chin up high. He delicately sips his coffee and peels his eyes away from the woman, thinking something so wise and profound that I can barely stand to be left out of the loop. I see myself in him. Every hard day of life will chisel away my youth and spit in the eye of my innocence until, like him, I’ll be wise and forgotten. Until, like him, I’ll be a man. I was wrong, hell is the naïve prison of youth. And I’m just old enough to grasp that.


Shame on US

In ancient Rome, the arena beckoned the celebration of death, demanded by a crowd hungry for the spilt blood of barbarians and gladiators. And as savage as the sights witnessed inside of the ring were, far worse were the cries of joy and jubilation from the crowd. Today I am ashamed of my country. Today the death of Osama Bin Laden has been made a spectacle of celebration and America has been made a mockery. The parallel between those who heartlessly cheered the events of September 11th and those who took to the streets to applaud the murder of this man seems to be lost on a populace convinced that justice is synonymous with revenge. For to celebrate the death of a man, no matter who he was, or what he did in life, is to lower ourselves to the level of terrorists. It is to present ourselves as animals, to conduct ourselves as children, and perpetrate a cycle of emotional decay and senseless brutality we so hypocritically have shunned our enemies for.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. In fact, it gets worse. The mainstream media and it’s cluster of parrots masquerading as journalists have taken to deeming this event as the defining moment in Obama’s presidency. And while the day will be remembered, and the president’s involvement is historic, this day is also overtly the choice of those in power to define history as they see fit to write. For declaring that a presidency has been defined by the murder of a man is as much a statement of decrepit values as it is an admission of visceral ineptitude. Because despite the following occurring on president Obama’s watch: extension of Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy elite, his prolonging of the profoundly unconstitutional Patriot Act, raising the Federal Reserve’s debt ceiling (pending), failing to pass universal health care, permitting corporations to give endless untraceable political campaign contributions, failing to take a firm stance on don’t ask don’t tell, starting ANOTHER illegal war without the consent of the American people, torturing Bradley Manning, keeping Guantanamo Bay open, advocating a financial bailout of the very corporations responsible for the financial crisis itself, and countless other betrayals and lies, it is the act of sending other people to another country to murder a man deserving of a trial and cell, not martyrdom and immortality that has ‘defined’ a presidency. I am ashamed of my country.