Santa Clause Exists

Santa Claus used to exist. I’d see him in the mall talking to kids, on billboards smiling and enjoying a Coca Cola. I’d even wake up on Christmas mornings to find only the crumbs remained from the milk and cookies I’d left out for him. Allegedly, he always knew whether I’d been naughty or nice, and the idea of him being an all-seeing-300-pound-fat-man with complete control of the presents I received, scared the hell out me. Fortunately, I suspected he had misplaced my file because every year he gave me presents not coal. Of course, I happily overlooked his mistake. I got everything I wanted even though it seemed like it was too good to be true.

The American government used to exist. I’d see it on the news and in my textbooks, filled with glorious pictures of heroic soldiers and dead presidents. I’d even wake up on 4th of July mornings to find packages of fireworks waiting to blow the crap out of my action figures. Allegedly, America always knew if a country had been naughty or nice, and the idea of it being an all-seeing-free-and-righteous-military-power scared the hell out of the bad guys in the world. Unfortunately, I suspected America was misunderstood because every year I'd hear people say it had been naughty not nice. Of course, I happily overlooked their mistake. America was everything I wanted and it seemed too good to be true.

The truth used to exist. We’d see it with our own eyes and hear it from the mouths of the people we loved and respected. We’d even wake up every morning, convinced that the world we lived in was free and democratic. Allegedly, people would know if their government was  corrupt, and the idea of it being controlled-by-the-wealthy-elite-who-murder-lie-and-exploit-for-profit, was about as likely as Santa Claus existing. Unfortunately, those people don’t see the world clearly because every year they continue to believe the lies. They happily overlook their own mistakes. They follow the doctrine of nationalism, locked in the same naïve trance as when they believed in Santa Claus. Their truth is too good to be true.